• HCNT Industrial Company Ltd. HCNT Industrial Company Ltd. has applied magnetic levitation technology to handicrafts and advertising display devices, and realized high-tech factories with mass production. It has pioneered the development of the international market for magnetic levitation process displays. The magnetic levitation products produced by HCNT have a strong expressive power and are widely used in craft gifts, advertising displays, children's toys, science and education instruments, sculpture art and religious sacred objects. HCNT now has two bases of technical research and mass production, and has received strong support from Hong Kong Victoria Sculpture and Painting Studio (VICTORIA'S CULPTURE & PAINTING) to continuously introduce internationally renowned design. The company's technical research base is located in Wuhan, Hubei, China. There are 12 domestic first-class magnetic levitation technology experts and various engineering and technical personnel to serve the base. We have continuously developed magnetic levitation technology and display products...

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Main Products: Magnetic Levitation Globe, Magnetic Floating Table Lamp, Levitation Bluetooth Speaker, Air Bonsai, Levitation Clocks, Levitation Advertising Display and other levitation Device

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